5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Spring

Spring is a time that most dogs relish, as it means they can get outdoors a bit more. It’s also a good opportunity for us owners to do a dog spring clean after the long winter. Spring also means more mud on paws and dirt on your pet’s coat. We have put together a list of top tips to help owners get your dog ready for springtime.

Dog Bed Cleaning

Now is a good time to give your dog’s bed a good clean to remove any built-up dirt. We offer a variety of dog beds, some even have zips and removable covers or are machine washable making cleaning really easy. A raised dog bed is a really good option if your dog loves walks as the rainwater drips down through them. Before washing however, a good vacuuming will help get rid of a lot of hair and dirt, and using a lint roller will pick up any hair that has been left.  If you don’t have one to hand, you can make your own DIY a lint roller by balling up some tape with the sticky side out and rolling it over the hair.

Wash your dogs bed cover on a cold wash using a mild, fragrance-free washing powder as a dogs skin can often be sensitive to highly perfumed detergents (always check the dog bed’s washing instructions). If you have a particularly whiffy dog bed you can add 250 grams of baking soda into the drum of the washing machine which helps neutralise the smell. And adding 250 mls of white vinegar will prove even more effective for getting rid of stubborn smells.  Then hang out the dog bed cover on your clothes line – avoid the dryer or the cover may shrink.

Reducing Paws Tracking Mud Inside

With all the rain lately, it’s difficult for paws not to get muddy and inevitably end up inside the house! A handy trick that we use is to always keep a towel and a small container of water near the door which is used to give the dogs paws a quick dip and dry before letting loose inside. Of course, keeping the hair around your dog’s paws short will also reduce the amount of mess that they can make.

Another trick that works well for us is covering an area of about 5 feet x 5 feet with a bristly outdoor matting (not too hard or it might hurt your dog’s feet). This catches most of the dirt and you may only need to have a washable mat down inside the door then too to catch the remainder. During Spring, when it’s especially muddy, you will need to hose or wash down the outdoor mat regularly and wash your indoor mat in the washing machine.

If you are finding your dog is digging in mud a lot, it may be just down to boredom. A good tip is to provide some toys just for outdoor use to help keep him occupied and distracted from the mud!

A Doggie Dry Bath

If you don’t have time to do a full bath with your dog or if you are concerned about over-bathing which can cause other problems like dry and itchy skin, why not try a dry bath! First remove any dirt or debris by giving your dog’s coat a brush. Then use a deodorizing spray or some dry shampoo to help get your dog smelling better. You should also try brushing your dog’s teeth and if your dog is really dirty they may need to get a proper bath with a special dog shampoo. Afterwards ensure to give your dog’s coat a good brush and trim their nails.

Dog Hair Removal

Vacuuming generally removes most of the hairs from furniture and fabrics around the house.  If you find you need an extra hand, try using a pair of rubber gloves! The trick is to dampen the glove slightly after you have put it on and sweep it across the area where the dog hair is. The surface of the glove creates tension with the surface of the furniture and you will find it comes together in clumps and is very easy to pick up now!

Keeping Your Dog Dry During Spring showers

Of course, prevention is better than cure and if you can provide your dog with a cosy and dry place to shelter during Spring showers they will be less likely to pick up dirt, twigs and other debris on their coats. We offer a range of dog kennels which will help your dog do this. Many of our kennels come with flaps which helps to keep the wind and rain out also.