Bunny Proofing Your Garden

Having time outdoors is important for your pet bunny, whether you house it indoors or out. A little sunshine and fresh air can work wonders for the rabbit’s temperament and exercise in a natural habitat like they would have in the wild is always important. However, if you have a garden in your backyard where a rabbit will roam, you will need to do some work to keep the bunny out.

A garden is a natural attraction for a rabbit because it can be filled with all kinds of veggie treats, leafy green plants, colourful flower blooms, and dirt to dig around and play in. Take a look at a few simple things you can do to bunny proof your garden so your furry friend can still get time outdoors without causing or getting into any trouble.

Opt for bunny deterring plants in flower gardens.

If it is the flower garden you are concerned about your bunny getting into, there may be a simple enough solution in plants that are natural deterrents for rabbits. Rabbits are not fond of plants that have a strong flavour, such as spicy herbs or pungent leafy plants. Therefore, just by lining your flower garden with plants your bunny doesn’t find attractive can help. A few examples of bunny deterring plants include:

  • sweet asylum
  • English marigolds
  • geraniums
  • basil
  • oregano
  • lemon grass

Don’t forget, there are some flowers, plants, and trees that can be toxic to your bunny and should be kept out of your garden if the bunny has the freedom to roam around. You can see a full list of those on SaveAFluff.

Install a fence around vegetable gardens.

It will be difficult to keep a bunny out of a vegetable garden because so many of the plants within will be desirable treats to your bunny, so the most logical solution is to install a fence. the best fencing to keep a rabbit out of your garden will be one that is made from solid wooden slats or simple wire mesh. Just make sure the fence is a good three feet in height so your bunny cannot jump over. Additionally, keep in mind that some rabbits will dig under a fence if they want inside bad enough, so if this becomes a problem, you may have to dig a ridge around the garden and install the fence down in the ground several centimetres.

Create a safe enclosure where your bunny can play.

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to protect both flower and vegetable gardens from your bunny is to only allow your bunny to run in its own enclosed area on your property. Many of the hutches on Pets.ie have a small enclosed area for play time, but having a larger designated space is also ideal. You can create a simple fenced in area with a roll of wire fencing and a few stakes to hold the enclosure up sturdy.

The combination of rabbits ad gardens can be disastrous for you and toxic for your pet bunny, so finding a solution is important.