Cat Breeds


This is one of the oldest yet most popular cats. They are loved for their gentle, easy going nature. They like human attention and are very social creature. They are known to be very loyal to those who love them most. They are also very clean kittens, thus making them an easy cat to take care of. Their faces are often lovingly referred to as ‘smushed’ due to the fact that they are quite flat.


These have a distinctive brown face alongside bright blue eyes. They love their owner attention and affection. They are also known to become very attached to their owners.

Maine Coon

These are the largest domesticated cat breed. They have been found to weigh a shocking eighteen pounds. Their average length is about forty inches. They are known for their intelligence. They are extremely quick learners and very easily trained.


These don’t have much fur, however, it would be wrong to say that they are completely hairless. Their skin gets its softness from the extremely thin layer of down that covers it. Their skin is patterned much like the fur of any other cat would be. They lose much more body heat than other cats and are therefore warm to the touch. These are extremely friendly felines and most definitely not shy. They have a lot of energy and are full of intelligence and curiosity alongside a lot of love for their owners.


These are large cats with bright blue eyes. They have semi-long hair and a very silky coat of fur. Their nature is gentle, easy going and affectionate. They enjoy being around their owners and often follow them around the house. Their name comes from the fact that they are known to go limp when they are picked up.