Cat Essentials

There are a few things that I would recommend that any cat owner should have before enrolling on their new adventure. These make your and your new feline friend’s lives much easier and much happier.

Cat tree

First is a cat tree. Every cat should have one of these. One benefit is that it allows them to fulfil their love of surveying their territory. Cats love to look down on their home from high places and suss out the world they rule that lies beneath them. Also, it acts as a lovely place for your kitten to spend time sunning themselves and sleeping. The tree will also give them a post on which they can shorten their nails, thus saving your from scrapes and scratches.

Feed and water bowls

The next essentials would be a feed bowl and a water bowl. All cats need to eat! And for most, it will be by far their favourite thing to do. Please see our article on what to feed your cat for more information on finding the right food for your cat. Clean fresh water should also be available for your feline at all times.

Litter tray

A litter tray should always be on hand for when your cat is indoors. However, we do recommend that you eventually train them to do all of this outside. This should be filled with 1-2 inches of litter and left in a private place.

Cat House

A cat house is in my opinion a staple that every cat owner should have. This allows the cat to spend time away from the chaos of the house in their own little safe space. This can be placed outside, allowing your cat to spend time venturing through the outdoors, getting fresh air, and have fun doing what kittens should be allowed to do.

Cat Toys

Finally, toys! Your cat should have loads and loads of toys. Any cat owner will soon discover that your cat is one of the most playful things that you will ever come across. They will just love to spend time running around chasing rattling balls or fake mice and playing with you.