Cat Routines in Winter

Cats are very easy to keep year round. However, as with all pets, there are an additional few things that you should be wary of both in cold weather and in winter.

What to feed your cat

When feeding your cat you need to be aware that some foods can freeze. This is especially a problem with wet food that isn’t consumed immediately. Dry food, however, is not affected by temperature and can easily be used all year round.

How to deal with your cat’s water

Water is obviously another issue. This also can freeze. And if you choose to switch to dry food, cats can be subject to dehydration. A simple fix for this would be to feed and give your cat water in the main house. If the water spilled in their house it would make them cold.

Heated cat dishes are another option. These use the solar energy from the sun to keep the food and water from freezing.

Keeping your cat warm

If your worried about your cat getting cold, perhaps an insulated cat house such as the Buddy Cat House might be worth looking at. This cat house comes with the option of adding insulation. This insulation can be strapped into the kennel using Velcro in winter and easily detached in summer. This will allow you to keep your cat at the right temperature year round. A cat’s body temperature should be about thirty eight degrees Celsius. Older or long haired cats are much more vulnerable to the cold than the younger or short-haired ones. If cats get too cold they risk getting frost-bite or hypothermia. Cats love a warm and cosy environment and the Buddy Cat House will provide them with just that.