Cat Socialisation with Other Cats, Pets and People

Getting your cat used to people

Start socialising your cat from the start with all kinds of people. With early socialisation a cat will learn who is a friend of the family and will welcome them eagerly into the house. As long a person is not behaving in a threatening manor then the cat will react favourably and want to be around them.

Introducing your cat to your other cats

Again, start early and introduce them slowly and in a happy, positive way to other pets. Initially keep the cats separated and introduce them gradually. Continue this process until they are both comfortable in the others presence. Most breeds of cats will eventually tolerate others within the family if socialised properly.

Socialising your cat with other animals

Other pets like rabbits – gradually introduce the cat to the rabbit and ensure the cat understands this is also part of the family. Let him see you handle the rabbit and talk in similar tones to the rabbits as you would with him. Be careful though to never leave the rabbit and cat together unsupervised.

Cats are notoriously not social creatures so if they don’t want to be near your overly eager dog all the time don’t worry about it. However, if your cat tries to claw at the dog a lot, I would recommend not to leave them alone for periods of time together as the dog could get injured.

If you are really worried about socialising your dog with your cat I would recommend keeping them separated at first. If you put the dog in a crate and allow the cat to get used to his presence and him to get used to the cats, they have a much better chance of getting on than if they are just let loose together initially.