Cats and Children

Of course, your children are going to want to be all over your new pet. They will want to track its every move, be with it every second, and make sure that they are always the one who gets to play with it. However, this won’t be possible straight away. Time will need to be taken for both your children and your new kitten to adapt to their new family members, and this may take a little patience.

How to introduce your cat to your children

The major key to this is to supervise your children while with their new cat for the first little while. They will need to allow the cat to come to them, and take its own time to adapt to its new surroundings. To help with this they could try sit still and place a little food in their hands, this could help the kitten be a little more enticed to come towards your child. Also just spending time sitting in the same room as the cat will help them adapt also. Your child should be advised to be careful when playing with the kitten and to play gently.

Give your cat some alone time

Having a kid-free area will be crucial for your cat. Your cat should have some sort of safe place that it can go in order to escape the chaos. A cat house is perfect for this. A cat house will provide an outdoor area which the cat can completely call their very own. This leaves the kitten happy as they will have somewhere to stay, and somewhere to sleep when they are tired after playing with your child.

The main thing to remember is that both just need time to adapt. Don’t jump to any conclusions such as the cat needs to go. This is a process that will need time, however, at the end the results will be worth it all.