Choosing Your Cat

There are many types of breeds and personalities of cats. Choosing the right one can be hard. I have put together this short article to hopefully help you find this process easier and help you get the right cat for both you and your family.

Make sure the cat is neutered

Firstly, in all cases I recommend that you get your cat neutered. Male cats can be vicious unless this isn’t done. It is a simple procedure and will make your cats much calmer.

What gender cat is best?

As to whether to buy a male or female cat, I guess it is down to personal preference. Once neutered, either has the potential to make an amazing pet.

What breed to cat to buy?

Next thing you have to decide is what breed of cat you want. We all know that there are hundreds of pure breed cats that we can pay hundreds of euro to buy. But, there are thousands of stray cats in shelters which are equally beautiful and will make equally great, if not better, pets.

How to choose a cat with the right personality?

When trying to decide what kind of personality you want in a cat ensure to think of the whole family. Calmer cats are much better than ones who have vicious tendencies. We all know that cats aren’t the most social creatures, and that that is normal, but a cat who acts viciously will most definitely not fit in with the family.

What age should you get a cat at?

In relation to what age to get a cat at, I would recommend try getting it as a kitten. This way you get to alter its behaviour to fit into the norms of your family. However, many older cats can be very placid and I would for sure not rule out the possibility of adopting one of those instead.