Cleaning Out Your Guinea Pig Hutch

The guinea pig hutches we sell here are very easy to clean. Our hutches unique design helps makes cleaning way easier.

There are two types of hutches here, a guinea pig hutch with a slide out floor and a guinea pig hutch with wooden floors. The hutches with the slide out floors are easily cleaned out because all you have to do is slide out the floor and empty it in a compost bin. Having a wooden floor in the hutch doesn’t make it much harder to clean out, but it does take a little more time. The only difference is that you will have to brush or scoop out the bedding.

Bedding The Guinea Pig Hutch

Next bedding out your hutch. Choose either a chopped straw or wood shavings bedding. These beddings are best for your guinea pig because they are soft on their feet.

Cleaning the Feeder and Drinker

Occasionally you should wash the guinea pig’s feed bowl and drinker. Making sure nothing poisonous is left in the feeder or drinker before you give it back to the guinea pigs. After washing them, fill them with special guinea pig food and clean, fresh water.