Essential Puppy Equipment

Ideally, it is best to have the essential puppy equipment available before you bring home your new puppy. This will cause less stress than introducing new items afterwards which the puppy will then have to get used to.

Water Bowl

– preferably plastic for puppies. A fresh supply of drinking water should be available at all times. The bowl should be washed regularly.

Food Bowl

– again preferably plastic for puppies. Puppies will need feeding about four times a day. This will reduce to twice a day when they are adults.

Dog Food

– have at least one weeks supply of the food, ideally similar to what the puppy was being fed already.


– a soft fabric collar is suggested for a puppy. Introduce the collar early to allow the puppy to get used of it. Once fastened you should be able to fit two fingers between it and the puppy’s neck.


– getting your puppy used to walking on a leash should start early.

Dog Bed

– when indoors a dog should have a comfortable place to sleep. Place it somewhere in view of the family so that he puppy does not feel alone.

Outside Dog Kennel

– when being left outside the puppy will need somewhere to sleep or just to shelter from the elements.


– puppy’s love toys to play with. A soft dog toy should be introduced early and placed beside the puppy in its bed as this will provide a source of comfort, especially when you are away.

Dog cage/Dog crate

– this is optional but can really assist in house training your puppy as dog’s do not like to soil where it lies.

ID Tag

– this is attached to the dog’s collar and should have your telephone number on it so you can be contacted if your dog strays.