Feeding Your Cat

Our feline’s need both a balanced and nutritious diet. Feed your cat too little and they will never be in perfect health, feed your cat too much and they will end up fat. Dry food is one option for food. This is less expensive and may stay fresher for longer. However, this should always be accompanied by lots and lots of fresh water. Canned food is another option. This usually contains 70 to 80% water, so water needs decrease. It can be fed instead of dry food or can greatly complement it.

How to control obesity in cats

Obesity is the most common nutritional disease seen in cats. This is important to control. One of the main things to remember when feeding your cat is that some cats have a tendency to overeat. So you therefore need to decide on how much cat needs to eat and adjust the amount of food that you feed them to that. They are carnivores so therefore need some sort of source of animal protein in their diet. Also note they will not survive nor thrive on a fully vegan diet. An animals feed requirements depend on a number of factors.

Cat’s Breed

First is its breed. Every feline breed has its own unique size and shape and hence its own unique food requirements. To feed every breed correctly, you are best to research breed specific cat foods which will provide it with the correct nutrients.

Cat’s Age

The cat’s age is next. Kittens need food to get off to a healthy stat. Adults need food to maintain condition. While senior cats aren’t as energetic meaning their feed requirements are far less. Medical conditions, pregnancy and whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat are a few other factors, but if ever unsure about what to feed a cat, your vet should be consulted.

What not to feed a cat

There are a few things that a cat should never eat. If ever doubting whether or not a cat can eat something you are far better just to not feed them the food. You should avoid feeding them raisins/sultans, grapes, chocolate, onions, coffee/caffeinated products, bread dough, avocado, nuts, fruit seeds, fruit scones, corn cobs, tomatoes, mushrooms, milk and other dairy products, as these will all most definitely make your cat sick.