Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

You will have no problem getting your pet bunny to eat just about anything, from fresh fruits and berries to crisp vegetables. The rabbit’s unusual digestive tract gives them the ability to process fibre and nutrients from an array of different edibles so they can easily adapt to environmental change. However, just because your bunny will eat just about anything, it does not mean they necessarily should. Take a look at some forbidden foods you should avoid feeding your pet rabbit to keep it healthy.

Crackers, Chips, Crisps and Bread

These foods can look like attractive treats for your rabbit but should be kept away from them. The high-carbohydrate ingredients will translate to high levels of sugar in the rabbit’s body, which is dangerous. If a rabbit gets too much sugar at once or large amounts of sugar regularly, it can lead to stomach problems and kidney disease.

Iceberg Lettuce

Lettuce is one treat a rabbit usually loves to nibble, but some light varieties, like Iceberg, should be avoided. Iceberg lettuce actually contains mostly water, so it provides very minimal amounts of nutrition. However, lighter coloured lettuce can also contain lactucarium, which is a milky chemical-containing fluid that can be harmful to a rabbit’s overall health.

Hamster or Gerbil Food

If you have more than one furry critter as a pet, you may think that the differences between things like hamsters, gerbils, and bunnies are minimal. However, this is not true when it comes to nutrition no matter how many physical characteristics seem the same. Hamster and gerbil food is something your rabbit will probably eat, but this is also a good way to end up with an undernourished rabbit because these foods do not contain the nutrients your bunny needs.


Rabbits are often attracted to foods that have a sweet fragrance because sweet fruits are a natural part of their usual diet, so chocolate is one human food your bunny will go after when given the chance. Chocolate, no matter the variety, is not good for rabbits and can actually be poisonous much like it can be for a dog or a cat, so it must be kept away from your rabbit.

Walnuts and Other High-Fat Tree Nuts

Because the rabbit’s digestive tract is designed to handle mostly fibre, high-fat foods are extremely hard for your bunny to digest, especially if eaten in large quantities. Therefore, walnuts and other tree nuts can cause your rabbit to have an upset stomach.

Feeding your pet rabbit a healthy diet is just as much about knowing which foods are good for them as it is knowing which foods to avoid. So make sure you take the time to get familiar with the full list of unhealthy foods for rabbits and teach your children what treats are not okay for your family pet. To get healthy foods and treats for your bunny, check out our rabbit supply page.