Grooming Your Cat

Although most cats spend the majority of their waking hours grooming themselves, they sometimes need a little extra help. Cats can have short or long hair and this is a major factor which determines the amount of grooming for them is needed. Brushing is so important. It keeps their gorgeous fur lush by removing any dirt, grease and dead hair from their coat.

Brushing your cat

For brushing I would recommend a cat specific metal comb or rubber brush. This should be done no less than once or twice a week, obviously more if they are a long haired cat or tend to shed a lot. As any cat owner will be aware, cats hate being restrained. My advice is to approach them slowly, possibly using treats, and hold it gently while brushing. Always brush slowly and ensure to keep praising your kitten and rewarding its good behaviour with treats.

Bathing your cat

I would recommend to avoid bathing your cat as cats despise water. However, if your cat is out playing outside and gets particularly dirty or if you own a show cat then bathing may be required.

Brushing your cat’s teeth

As strange as it sounds, it is recommended that you take the time to brush your felines teeth. This must be done with a cat friendly toothpaste and toothbrush. Brushing their teeth is essential to prevent bad teeth, remove plaque and tarter, prevent gum disease and stimulate blood flow to their gums.

Cleaning you cat’s ears

Ear cleaning is another essential process. Always remember, cats ears are delicate and sensitive and care must be taken while carrying out this process. Their ears must be cleaned to prevent a build-up of wax, bacteria, fungi and yeast all of which could lead to either and infection or itching. I would recommend to never use a cotton bud for this, cleansers, drops and wipes are much more suited.

Clipping your cat’s nails

Claw clipping must be done but more so for indoor cats. Those who spend lots of time outdoors have little to no need for this. Senior cats may also need their claws clipped. This will need to be carried out every couple of weeks. However, it is important to be careful while doing this as felines have a blood-filled vein in their nail, and if you accidentally cut it will, you could injure your cat and lead to them bleeding. The way around this is to consult a groomer as to the best method to use for cutting you kitten’s nails.