Guinea Pig – Dos and Dont’s

Here are some Guinea Pigs Dos and Don’ts that are important to keep in mind when caring for your guinea pigs.

Firstly, the dos…
1. Do always make sure that guinea pigs have special guinea pig food available to them, this food contains almost everything a guinea pig needs to eat.

2. Do give you guinea pigs treats such as the ones found on our website or something like a carrots, don’t give the guinea pigs too many or it will make them sick.

3. Do clean out your guinea pig’s hutch at least once a week, this will keep them happy and healthy.

4. Do feed your guinea pigs hay, this will sharpen down their ever-growing teeth.

5. Do keep guinea pigs in pairs or groups, this will make them much happier.

Now the don’ts…
1. Don’t feed your guinea pigs ivy, buttercups or bluebells as these will make them very sick.

2. Don’t be too rough with your guinea pig, be gentle and careful when petting them.

3. Don’t let your guinea pigs fur get too tangled, brush them at least once a week depending on their hair length. Guinea pigs hate when their hair is tangled.

4. Don’t leave your children unsupervised with the guinea pigs, in case anything might go wrong.

5. Don’t give your guinea pigs any leftovers from dinner unless you are fully sure they can eat them, because if they can’t they may get sick.