Holiday or Home Alone Time

Can a dog be left alone while I am at work?

Yes of course, a dog can be left alone while you are at work. Most people live busy lives and not everyone can stay at home all day with their dog. If that was the case hardly anyone would own a dog.

Training your dog to be left alone should start early. Leaving them for 1 minute at a time and only returning when the dog has stopped whining or barking. Gradually increase the time they are left alone and rewarding them for being quiet and behaving while you are gone.

Ideally, you should walk/exercise your dog before leaving them for long periods. You can also leave their toys out for them to play with while you are gone. There are special toys which you can hide treats within which will occupy the dog while he tries to work out how to get them out.

If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, then it is probably best that your dog is outside during that time in case they need the toilet etc. Ensure you provide adequate shelter, in the form of a kennel, and a fresh supply of drinking water.

Boarding Kennels for holidays?

Your dog can go on his own holidays while you go on yours, as luckily there is an abundant supply of boarding kennels available who will look after your dog while you are away.

Boarding Kennels will provide all the care your dog will need, like food and walks and it is also a great way for your dog to socialise with other dogs in a controlled environment. You can provide your dog’s favourite blanket or toys which will reduce any stress your dog may feel when first entering the kennel. Usually, by the end of their stay the dogs don’t want to leave.

You will need to have all their vaccinations up to date before the boarding kennel will take your dog.

Alternatively, you could avail of the services of a dog sitter who will visit your house to walk and feed your dog during the days you are away.