How Do Rabbits Like to Play?

From binkying when they get to their play area to attentively interacting when you offer toys, it is easy to see that bunnies love to play. Rabbits in the wild often spend their days doing things that seem to be purely for entertainment, such as playing a friendly game of chase or darting through the weeds. The longer you have a bunny, the more you will see these natural playful tendencies emerge and the more you will realise that your new pet is quite playful. But how do rabbits like to play? Here’s a quick list of things your little cottontail will enjoy.

Rabbits Love Playing with Toys

You may be a little surprised to learn that your rabbit will like toys just as much as a dog or cat once they get comfortable in their environment. Your furry friend will enjoy rolling a ball across the floor like a cat, scooting rattling toys just because they make noise, and even honing their skills with logic toys that test their ability to get to a treat.

Rabbits Enjoy Playing with You or a Companion Rabbit

One of the things new rabbit owners are often most surprised to learn is just how much the bunny enjoys their company. Even though a rabbit can seem a little shy and skittish in the beginning, once it gets used to your presence, you will be viewed as a play companion. Your bunny will enjoy the time you spend with it playing with its toys or even crawling on all fours just like he or she does. Rabbits are highly social creatures, so introducing a companion rabbit will also help fill their time with joy.

Rabbits Are Great at Playing Games

Fancy a game of fetch? Your bunny will have a wonderful time picking up items with its teeth and tossing them so you can be the retriever! Similarly, rabbits like to sneak up on you and steal things from your hands and run away. So tempting it with a treat or new toy to steal will be an interesting game. Find some toy bowling pins and set them up and your bunny will have a blast knocking them all down with its nose or paws.

Indoors or out, rabbits love and need their playtime. This should never be hard to provide because these little critters can find fun in the simplest of items. To find toys and supplies for your pet bunny’s playtime activities, check out