Kennel for a Collie

A kennel for a collie needs to be large enough to allow the dog to move around comfortably inside it. A dog likes to like to move in circles before lying down and the space within in the kennel needs to allow this. Our large dog kennel would be the size of kennel most suited to a collie.

The Collie breed originated in Scotland and Northern England where it was bred to be a herding dog. A Collie is a medium sized but lightly built dog.  They can live up to 14 years, reach a height of up to 56cm and weigh up to 20kg.

Collies are the most intelligent breed of dogs and are highly trainable. Mastering even complicated tricks comes easy to them especially agility training.  Their intelligence, obedience and agility is especially evident during sheepdog trials where they respond immediately to the voice, whistle and hand commands of their owner.

They are sociable and love being around people and will tolerate other dogs considerably well. Attention and affection is what they want most from their owners and love being part of the family. Collies are happy and playful dogs whose facial expression can often look like they are smiling.

Collies are very lively dogs which require a lot of outside space and plenty of exercise, to work off all their energy. Playing fetch never gets boring for a Collie. It’s coat will need brushed several times a week if you want to avoid hair everywhere as Collies do shed a lot.