Kennel for a German Shepherd

The best sized kennel for a German Shepherd is one where the dog can stand up and move around in.  Dogs like to be able to turn round and lay down comfortably in their kennel. We suggest that our extra large dog kennel would be best suited to a German Shepherd but always check the dimensions against the size of your dog to ensure the sizing does indeed suit your dog.

A German shepherd is a large sized dog which is also known as an Alsatian. They were originally bred in Germany, hence the name, to be an unrivalled herding dog. Their two tone colouring is very distinctive. German shepherds can grow to 2ft tall, weigh up to 60lbs and live up to 14 years.

We usually associate German Shepherds with guard dogs but they also can make great pets due to their protective nature and devotion to their owners.  Both intelligent and easily trained, they are regularly used in search and rescue, tracking and drug detection operations. As a family pet, their ability to be easily trained will result in a very faithful and obedient companion. They are both loyal and loving.

German Shepherds coats are dense and coarse and they shed a lot, especially during warmer months so regular brushing will be required. Also, keep their claws trimmed and check their ears regularly. They are agile and energetic and do need lots of exercise and playtime.