Kennel for a Mixed Breed Dog

Of course the size of kennel you choose will be guided by the size of your dog.  Our kennels are available in 3 sizes to suit all sizes of dog.

Kennel for a Mixed Breed Dog

Mixed breed dogs are also known as mongrels, mutts and crossbreeds

Their size, colour, temperament defies description as they vary from dog to dog. Known as the ultimate family dog due to deriving it characteristics and traits from a wide gene pool.

The population of mixed breed dogs far out weights that of any pure bred dog. Unfortunately, rescue centres are crowded with unwanted mixed breed dogs.  Usually an owner will not be able to specify exactly what breed of dog they are descendent from as they can come from a long line of mixed breeds. Of course, some mixed breeds can take on strong characteristics of one of the breeds it descends from.

The beauty of having chosen a mixed breed dog is that you have chosen a particular, individual dog because there was something that drew you to it and the way it looked at that moment.  How big it will be and what it will look like is unknown until it starts to develop.  The choosing of a purebred dog is choosing the exact breed you want to have because you know what they will look like and even behave like as they grow

Mixed breed are usually considered to be healthier than purebred dogs due to their varied gene pool.

Sufficient shelter, food and water is a basic requirement for any dog, no matter what the breed. As with all dogs, regular exercise and grooming is needed.