Kennel for a Pug

Pugs can live up to 15 years, grow to a height of 12 inches and weight up to 20 pounds so we suggest our medium kennel for a Pug. When choosing a kennel for a Pug always ensure that your dog will have adequate room to move around comfortably when inside. Always check the dimensions to ensure they are correct for the size of your dog.

Pug’s originated in China, where they were the favoured pet of the ruling families and were kept in luxury by the Emperors. After they were brought to Europe in the 16th Century they became the dog of choice for the Royal Courts around Europe .

While Pugs can be good watchdogs, they aren’t inclined to be “yappy,” something owners and their neighbour’s alike will appreciate. If well-socialized early they will get along well with other animals. As they are rarely aggressive they are suitable for families with children. Playful and loving pets, who love close contact with humans, make them loyal companions. Pugs are strong willed but intelligent dogs that should be trained early to behave obediently and respond to commands.

Their distinctive features make them easily recognizable, especially the wrinkled face, short snout and curled tail.  Despite their short smooth coat Pugs do shed and will need regular grooming to remove dead hairs.  The wrinkles on their face need checking and cleaned regularly as they can become damp and infected. As Pug’s love to play, and will use up most of their energy during playtime, they don’t require walking regularly. It is recommended that they have lots of dog toys to play with.