Lionhead Rabbits

The Lionhead rabbit is one of the more modern rabbit breeds in Ireland, as well as other parts of the world. These bunnies are a combination breed and different bunnies may have different crosses depending on the breeder. Because the mane of the Lionhead is a dominant gene, a Lionhead can be crossed with an array of breeds and still have the trademark maned appearance.

Physical Traits of the Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead bunnies get their name from the telltale mane around their neck of fur that is much longer than the fur on the rest of their body. These bunnies are a smaller breed, with a weight range of just 1 to 1.5 kilogrammes. With a small rounded body, broad shoulders, and a well-developed chest, the Lionhead’s stance is fairly pronounced.

The muzzle of this little bunny is slightly elongated and its ears stand upright in a pointed position but are shorter than many other rabbit breeds. Lionheads can be found in a range of both solid and mixed colours, from white and grey to fawn or sable point with greyed areas around the mouth, nose, and ears. Lionheads can be found in a range of both solid and mixed colours, from white and grey to fawn or sable point with greyed areas around the mouth, nose, and ears.

Personality Traits of the Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionheads temperament can vary depending on its genetics, as different breeders create Lionheads temperament can vary depending on its genetics, as different breeders create Lionhead bunnies by breeding variant other breeds. However, in general terms, you can expect your Lionhead to be quite smart and easy to train. These rabbits love personal attention and will do just about anything to sink their teeth into a treat.

Lionheads are a little more fretful and timid than some of the other smaller breed rabbits, which means they should be handled gently and caregivers must be patient during bonding periods so their bunny gets used to them being around. But, once the bunny warms up to your presence, you can expect it to be sociable and energetic.

Lionhead Rabbit Grooming Requirements

  1. Brush your Lionhead every week, paying special attention to the long tufts of hair between the bunny’s ears because they can be prone to tangles and matting.
  2. The long mane fur of the Lionhead may have to occasionally be cleaned, but this can be accomplished with a dampened cloth and warm water.
  3. Lionheads can be a little more prone to dental disease, so make sure you keep tabs on the size of their teeth by checking their mouth regularly.
  4. During periods of molt when your Lionhead loses much of its fur, brushing will be a daily requirement so your bunny does not eat too much of its shed fur while cleaning itself.

Special Lionhead Rabbit Considerations

  • The Lionhead rabbit has only been a recognised breed of the BRC in the UK since 2002, which means some colours and varieties are not yet recognised.
  • Be careful not to overfeed your Lionhead, as these bunnies can be prone to obesity, which inhibits their ability to self-groom.
  • Lionheads are suitable for indoor or outdoor keeping, as long as they have a substantially sized run area.
  • Lionheads can hop pretty high compared to some larger breeds because of their small stature and light weight.
  • These bunnies do not require a special diet; only quality hay, veggies, and pellets like other bunnies.
  • A small Lionhead bunny can be very hard to handle until it gets used to you, so be patient and gentle with your new pet bunny and be observant when they are with children.

Absolutely adorable in appearance, small and easy to care for, and sociable–it is no wonder Lionhead bunnies are quickly growing as one of the most popular breeds in Ireland.