Popular Family Dog Breeds

You have decided to get a dog and what a wonderful step you are about to take! Nothing is more devoted or loving than a dog… hence the phrase “man’s best friend”.

Of course, the first question that most people, with children, will ask is which breed of dog will suit my family??

Dog’s come in all shapes, sizes, colours with differing temperament and personalities to suit all different family lifestyles.

When you have children, you want to get a dog that will enhance your family life and be a faithful companion for all.

Our suggested breeds best suited to families with children are:

Labrador Retriever

– the ultimate family dog, the Labrador is one of the most popular dogs around. Owing this to their loving and playful nature. These are highly intelligent and love to learn new tricks. Always wanting to please, a more faithful friend you won’t find. Suitable for families with young children.


– one of the most intelligent dogs you will get. Their ability to learn new tricks will hold the interest of the whole family. Fetching a ball is their speciality and everyone, adult and child alike, will enjoy this activity with their dog. Energetic and fun, these dogs add a new lease of life to any family. Suitable for families with young children.


– a compact bundle of energy who will be a steadfast companion to everyone. Loves children and being one of the family. Suits a family who are active and will have time to give a Beagle the exercise it requires. Suitable for families with young children but supervision is required. Toddlers love to pick things up and the Beagle is compact enough for a toddler to attempt this.

Cocker Spaniel

– a lovely breed for an active family. They thrive on family life and being part of the family. Suits a family with older children who have time to play, Cockers love playtime.

Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel

– known as ‘the people’s dog’. Very affectionate and devoted to their owners. One of the most well-mannered dogs available. Easy to handle and gentle, they are great with young children.

Bichon Frise

– looks like a soft cuddly toy, the ultimate toy dog breed. People loving with a playful nature making it a wonderful family pet. More suited to families with older children as it likes being the centre of attention.

Poodle (Standard)

– often misrepresented as a just being a fancy show dog, the Poodle in fact has a lot more going for it that their reputation suggests. Ranked as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world (after the Collie) they are highly trainable. The Standard Poodle loves children making them a great family pet. Playful and protective dogs who love attention. Suitable for families with young children.


– it’s playful and easy going temperament make the Pug an ideal family dog. A lively and entertaining addition to the household. It is more suited for families with children who are old enough to understand how to handle a pet. A Pug is small and lively and very young children may not understand how best to handle it.


– no other dog is more devoted to their owner than the Bulldog. A faithful companion who loves nothing more than to laze around beside their owners. Their short legs and stock build mean Bulldogs don’t require a lot of exercise. Suits a family with children who understand how to handle a pet.


– a large cuddly dog who is sweet and gentle with all the family. It is great with children and therefore will be suitable for families with young children, if it is raised with them. Newfoundland’s are best suited to an active family with lots of space.