Popular Pet Rabbit Breeds

Floppy ears, soft fur, and a playful nature make rabbits a preferable family pet, but when you decide to get a rabbit of your own, you may be surprised to learn there are so many different kinds to choose from. Each bunny has its own appearance and markings, but beyond that, there is a lot more that you need to know. So, what should you know about the different breeds and what are all those cute bunny breeds you see? Here are a few of your most common rabbit breed questions and the answers you will want to know.

What are the most common pet rabbit breeds in Ireland?

There are many recognised rabbit breeds in Ireland and across the world, but there are some common ones that tend to make their way into the lives of families as pets a little more often than others. Five of the most common rabbit breeds in Ireland that are kept as pets include:

  • Dutch Rabbits
  • Rex Rabbits
  • Lionhead Rabbits
  • Lop-Eared Rabbits
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

How do you know a certain breed is a right choice for you and your family?

Every rabbit breed has its own special features and personality traits that should be considered when you are picking the best bunny for your family. It is never a good idea to pick out a rabbit based solely on what it looks like, which can be pretty hard with some breeds being so cute. It is best to take some time and research any particular breed before you pick a rabbit to take home with you. Some of the things you should research about the specific breed before you make a decision include:

  • Personality Traits of the Breed
  • Grooming Requirements of the Breed
  • Housing, Dietary, and Keeping Needs of the Breed
  • Medical Concerns and Other Special Considerations of the Breed

Whilst rabbits of just about any breed make a good family pet, getting to know the breeds helps you make an informed decision about which one will work out for the best.