Preparing for Your Guinea Pig

Keeping guinea pigs is easy and fun for the whole family. Here is the list of most things you need for your new pet guinea pig.

A Guinea Pig Hutch

Firstly the guinea pig hutch.  The hutch should be no smaller than 0.2m2 (2ft2) for one guinea pig.

But if you want your new pet to be happy, you should think about getting it a friend.  For two guinea pigs you hutch should be no smaller than 90cm across  and 60cm from front to back.

Having two guinea pigs means they will be much happier, much livelier, and much friendlier.

Guinea Pigs love to have loads of hiding places within the hutch. They need these because they feel safe when hiding in them.

They need and indoor and an outdoor area in the hutch.  The hutch should be located in a quiet, calm place so the guinea pig does not become frightened or upset.

Having the right hutch and environment is crucial for a guinea pig, but it will be worth it because you will soon have you new addition to your family.

Guinea Pig Bedding

Your guinea pig hutch should be bedded out with wood shavings or straw. These are the best types of bedding. There should be extra bedding in the winter, so that the guinea pigs can be nice and cosy in the hutch.

Guinea Pig Food & Feeder

You should feed your guinea pig special guinea pig pellets. These have vitamin c in them which the guinea pigs cannot make themselves. The food has everything a guinea pig needs to live on. You can also give them some treats available on our website.

Guinea Pig Drinker 

Water must always be available to the guinea pigs.  This water must be clean and fresh and must be kept in a guinea pig bottle. These bottles are the best way of giving water to the guinea pigs.


Hay is needed to wear down the guinea pigs ever growing teeth and to help their digestive system. The love spending time chewing this yummy treat.