Rabbit Health Care

Just like with other pets, rabbits need a little health care.  This will help to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Preventative Health Care

Good preventative health care will help ensure that your rabbit is healthy and trouble-free to keep.

This can usually be taken care of in a visit to the vet with your new bunny rabbit.  We recommend that you do this as the vet will be able to vaccinate your pet bunny against some common diseases.  In many cases, these vaccinations are for the life of the rabbit, but your vet will be able to advise regarding this.  It is also important to ask advice from where you buy your bunny as in some cases vaccinations may have been done already.

Routine Health Care

Ensuring a good diet for your rabbit and keeping the rabbit house nice and clean. Both these things are easy to do and they help to promote good rabbit health.  It is very beneficial to inspect your rabbit regularly, ideally daily.  This helps to spot signs of illness or injury early.  A healthy rabbit will always be spotlessly clean and very active.

Something else that we recommend is to regularly apply a preventive flea treatment.  Flea treatment is recommended if you keep any pets, rabbits are no different, and the purpose is to prevent an issue occurring.

Most potential health problems can be prevented or easily treated if spotted early.