Rescue Hens Ireland – Introduction

Rescue Hens are hens that come from large-scale commercial egg-laying flocks.  Typically these hens are 1 – 2 years old and are considered to be past their ‘commercial viability’.  The thing is, they are usually still laying eggs really well, but just not as well as the commercial flock owners would like.

Rescuing hens gives these hens a second chance, a new life that is a world away from what they have become accustomed too.  Rescue hens adjust to life outside of the cage really well and withing a few days they will begin to act like normal chickens.  They will go on to live happy lives for many years to coming, laying lots of tasty free-range eggs.

If you then eat these eggs yourself or give them to family or friends, it reduces the number of eggs commercially produced.

Rescue chickens make fantastic pets and are very social creatures.  There are so many benefits from rescuing hens!