The Hatching Stage

The hatching stage is the last three days of incubation.  During this stage eggs no longer should be turned.  Ideally Eggs should be placed flat for this stage and the incubator should be set out so as to be safe for when the chicks hatch as they will spend the hours after they hatch in the incubator.

The first signs of hatching will come when the eggs ‘pip’.  This is when the chick uses its beak to a small hole in the egg so that it can breathe.

In the case of chicken, the eggs will hatch on day 21.  We recommend to keep the incubator closed during the hatching stage as both the temperature and humidity need to be kept stable to allow all viable eggs to hatch.  Chicks do perfectly well in the incubator for 24 hours from the time of hatching.

After the majority of chicks have hatched, the next stage is to move them to a suitable brooder where they can be cosy in their first days and weeks of life.