The Importance of Exercise – An Overview of Rabbit Exercise and Activity

While your rabbit definitely needs a suitable hutch, it also needs an ample amount of exercise to stay healthy and live to be your playful pet for as long as possible. Therefore, making sure your bunny gets plenty of exercise is incredibly important. Give your bunny the exercise it needs by understanding just how important activity is and how you can make it happen.

How much exercise should your rabbit get?

In the wild, a bunny can run as much as three miles every day, and it is a necessary art of how they stay healthy. Therefore, it is important that you allow your bunny some time to run and play every day. A good way to ensure your rabbit is getting an ample amount of exercise is to give them free-roaming time for about three hours on a daily basis. This could be indoors or out, as long as the rabbit has ample space to move, run, and play.

What ways can you ensure your bunny is getting enough exercise?

There are a few things you can do to create an environment that allows the opportunity for ample exercise for your pet rabbit, including:

  • Get familiar with how your rabbit likes to play. Remember, every rabbit will have its own preferences as to the activities they prefer, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your bunny.
  • Earn your rabbit’s trust so it feels secure playing with you and around you and your family.
  • Supply your rabbit with several toys. Everything from store-bought toys for rabbits to homemade things like cardboard boxes will work.
  • Bunny-proof your home for an indoor rabbit.
  • Bunny-proof your backyard and garden area so your bunny has a safe outdoor play area.
  • Walking your rabbit on a rabbit harness.

What can happen if your rabbit does not get enough daily exercise?

The primary concern for a rabbit that does not get enough exercise is its overall health. Rabbits who spend too much time in a small enclosure or hutch can gain a lot of weight or even become obese, which can contribute to a full list of other health problems. Exercise is also beneficial to a rabbit’s digestive system. Additionally, if your rabbit does not get enough activity, play time, and exercise through the years, they can be much less sociable, seem agitated, and even depressed.

Providing your rabbit with enough exercise is ever important as a pet parent. These little critters are balls of furry energy that need their playtime and activity to stay fit and healthy, both physically and emotionally.