Training Your Cat

Despite what many people may think, cats can be easily trained. Although they may not be quite as obedient as dogs, they can still be thought how to use a litter tray, shake hands and stop unwanted behaviour. The main things needed for training your kitten are a clicker, lots of treats and some patience.

Clickers for cats

Clickers should only be used to reward good behaviour. Using a clicker when not deserved with reduce its effect and almost make it useless. A treat should be given to your kitten following the click, this will lead them to soon understand that the click is in fact rewarding good behaviour.

To train a cat to come towards you, again, the best way to do this involves food. Before feeding each day call their name. This will make them associate their name being called with food. Again use a clicker when they come and reward them with a treat.

Training your cat to use a toilet

Training a cat to use a toilet is much easier than it sounds. Each day bring the litter tray closer and closer to the toilet. Eventually a tray on a stool should be used. After a little patience, your cat will be using the toilet in no time.

How to train your cat to shake hands

Training a cat to shake hands is also possible. Align yourself with your cat and have a treat in hand. Tap its paw, saying shake, and reward them until they do it without tapping.

How to stop a cat from scratching the furniture

If your cat is scratching the furniture, you may need to train them to do otherwise. A simple fix would be to invest in a small scratching post on which they could sharpen their nails instead.