What to do with Your Cat when You Are Away on Holidays?

Never leave them at home alone

One thing that I would recommend you never do is leave your cat alone while you go off on holidays. Leaving a cat alone for more than one day is in my opinion a complete recipe for disaster. It is also a terrible idea to leave them at home with enough food or enough water, falsely believing that this level of care will suffice. Cats need attention, they need their litter tray cleaned, their water topped up and to be fed. They also need to be played with and checked on. This is essential for your kittens well-being and must be done if you are away.

Make sure you provide the cat sitter with enough supplies

Before you go on holidays you must ensure your cats vaccinations are up to date. You also must provide all of the food, litter and other essentials needed so they can care for your cat. Then a cat sitter can be hired in to care for your cat whilst you are on holidays. This will call in once or twice a day and feed them and make sure everything is ok. They must be given a clear list guiding them as to what they are supposed to do. They should clean the litter box as often as required and replace the litter. They should also ensure to give the cat fresh water and top up their feed. Time should also be spent playing with the cat and checking on its well-being, and checking that it is eating and drinking ok. This visitor can be a mere cat sitter, a friend or someone who stays in your house while you are gone.

Sending your cat on their own little holiday

The other option is to have your cats cared for in a home. This may be a good option if you have a kitten who is good with both people and other cats and is social.

Besides all of this, pet friendly accommodation is possible to find. You need to choose the best option for you and your cat so that you are both happy and so that you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday.