Where to Buy a Guinea Pig in Ireland?

Guinea pigs can be bought from a pet shop or directly from a reputable breeder throughout Ireland.  Some animal rescue centers also offer guinea pigs for rescue, so this is an alternative option.

If you buy from a breeder you will likely be able to see the baby Guinea Pigs with their mother and good breeders are expert in guinea pig care, which can come in very handy for back-up advice if ever required.

Buying from a pet shop can sometimes lead to a greater variety of guinea pigs to choose from, so it can sometimes work very well.  Pet shops are great for advice also.

Getting your Guinea pig from a rescue center is also a great option and you would need to call them to see if they have any available.

Regardless of where you buy, here are some tips to set you off on the right track.

Getting Ready for a Guinea Pig

Before you get your guinea pig, it is important to be fully set up and ready.  We have a great topic in our learning section on preparing for a guinea pig.

Choosing a Healthy Guinea Pig

Here are some things to check for when choosing a Guinea Pig.

  1. Check what age is.  Younger guinea pigs, from about 8 weeks old are usually tamer and easier to tame over time.  These really make ideal pets for children.
  2. Ask what sex the guinea pig is.  This is important if you are getting more than one guinea pig.
  3. The guinea pig should be active & look very clean and tidy.
  4. Check the guinea pigs eyes, nose, mouth and ears to see that they look nice and clean.  Breathing should also sound good.
  5. Check around the tail to ensure it looks clean.
  6. Check the guinea pigs feet and claws to make sure they look tidy and free of sores.
  7. Check that the guinea pigs skin and hair to see that it looks good.

Overall, you should be very happy with your guinea pig when you are buying it.  If you have any doubts about it, it’s best not to buy.  Instead, take your time and continue your search.  Guinea pigs can typically live between 4 and 8 years, so choosing carefully now is really important.