Why Keep Chickens?

Keeping chickens can help bring a little bit of the good life into your garden. Not only will chickens supply a home with lots of fresh eggs, they will also surprise you with how they bring a garden to life and how they make wonderful pets.

Each morning they need the chicken coop door opened and the fresh eggs collected.  Each evening they need the coop door closed and feeders and drinkers topped up.  It’s that easy, but the more your family gives to them the more they give back and many families love to spend lots of time in the garden with the chickens.

Each chicken has her own wonderfully individual characteristics and antics.  Every member of the family, young and old, can easily get involved in the chicken keeping journey. Children love chickens and will happily help with them and be especially delighted to collect their gorgeous eggs.  The chickens themselves are only too happy to lap attention up!

Roosters (male chickens) are the noisy ones as they crow each morning and are not needed for egg production and I recommend that avoided in any urban environment for this reason.

Chickens love to forage around and will great bring life and colour to your garden.  Sometimes as part of your coop it is useful to have a chicken run.  A chicken run has the benefit of giving an area of your garden to the chickens and can also keep them safe if you are away for a day or two.  Depending on the size of the garden it can be extended or the hens can be let free range when you are home.

There is no need to buy mass produced eggs, but now you can collect fresh eggs from the coop in the knowledge that the chickens that produced them have a great life in your garden.

Chickens are pets with benefits, what are you waiting for?